Jun 7, 2023


  • Better support for working offline


Feb 15, 2023


  • Disable app switch button to prevent opening multiple versions of Ae


  • Update license authentication system for better stability


Dec 26, 2022


  • Migrate off Gumroad license authentication (hotfix required for any keys purchased from gumroad.com)


May 23, 2022


  • Extending the 1.23 macOS fix to Windows


May 20, 2022


  • (macOS 12) Sending shapes from Ae to Ai

  • Switch button opening multiple versions of Ae


Jul 23, 2019


  • More intelligent handling of nested groups with center anchor point enabled

  • Support for clipping masks with center anchor point enabled


Jul 16, 2019

  • Removed debug code that introduced errors on line 1920 and 1178 on text layers with center anchor point enabled

  • Bug that tried to download updates like the updatable version


Jul 14, 2019


  • Both panels open is no longer required. Just open the one you like using. Thanks to Remco Jansen for the help on this.

  • Native Ae guides support for CC2019+

  • Support for All Caps text options by transforming text

  • Support for Ai symbols with Break Symbols button

  • Text layer blending modes

  • Deauthorize button for removing license key from a shared machine

  • Holding SHIFT when pressing the New Artboard/Comp, does the inverse –new Ai comp button (orange) becomes a new comp button (purple). Thanks to Lars Jandel for the idea.


  • Zeroing anchor points from v1.11 failed to fully move paths

  • Center layer did not work on text layers

  • Text not aligning when comp and artboard were different sizes

  • Error when holding shift while a lower level property group is selected

  • Text layer opacity

  • Text layer rotation

  • Holding shift when transferring text with a shape selected

  • Prevent error when dropping file into panel


  • Reintroduced an old behavior with a preference when updating shapes to respect comp position or local layer position

  • Moved parametric shape positions to the group transform rather than the shape itself


  • Updatable version has been removed for added stability


Mar 20, 2018


  • Accidentally left some debugging code in v1.11 release

  • Error on line 1745

  • Error on line 1331

  • Error on line 1822


Mar 20, 2018


  • Zeroing out the anchor point on paths and parametrics when Center Anchor Point is enabled

  • Removed redundant fill opacity and replaced it with group opacity to reduce stroke transparency as well


  • Error on line 1247 - clipping masks on compound shapes

  • Error on line 1247 - clipping masks on groups. Single clipping groups on a layer become layer masks to simplify layers.

  • Text along a path isn’t supported but now the won’t make transfers fail

  • Better detection of group blending modes

  • Better detection nested group opacity


Feb 27, 2018


  • Support for Ai gradient fills and strokes (yayayayaya)

  • Update fill and stroke colors from Ai

  • Support for clipping masks

  • Factored in Ae layer Position/Anchor Point transforms when transferring to Ai


  • Hidden Ai objects within a group will not be transferred to Ae


  • Text alignment

  • Text leading (supported in Ae CC2017.2)

  • Empty text layers broke the whole transfer

  • Text not transferring from Ai CC2014

  • Further corrected the addition of type name line breaks

  • Smarter layer adding when Ae layers selected

  • Moved parametric shape positioning into the parametric group itself to simplify keyframing and make converting to bezier much cleaner

Thanks: This update would not have been possible without the generous testing time of: Kyle Martinez, Jeff Salvado, Drew Jackson, Nicolas Doretti and Wojciech Piekarczyk.


Nov 16, 2017


  • Support for Ai Spot Color tints

  • Preference to use New Artboard button to create a new Ae comp from an artboard’s dimensions


  • Created two install versions: Updatable and Stable. Updatable will allow the panel to be updated by opening Settings and downloading directly without needing to download, install or restart Ae/Ai. For users experiencing issues with the panel not displaying buttons immediately, the Stable version provides a less dynamic system of loading the required files. With Stable, Overlord updates will need to be downloaded manually from gumroad.com/library.

  • Optimized Settings panel


  • Accidentally added line breaks to text layer naming which broke expressions that used a layer name

  • Unnamed shapes were naming their shape groups “null"


Oct 24, 2017


  • Preference in settings to disable app switching when pushing shapes to Ae. Some Windows users report Ae resizing when switching which is terribly annoying.


  • Layer blending modes (Color Burn, Color Dodge, Soft Light, Hard Light, Saturation, Color) failed to transfer

  • Compound paths failed when explode modifier enabled

  • Empty layer name when Ai=Ae when sending a single, unnamed layer. Now it defaults to an incremented layer name.

  • Panel failed to resize on some systems (requires zxp install)

  • Core CEP now overwrites existing bundle files

  • Removed error when transferring Ai pattern fill/stroke


Oct 18, 2017


  • A glitch with the licensing unlock


Oct 18, 2017

Initial release

Design and animation and alchemy.

Stare into the void.

2024 Battle Axe inc.

Design and animation and alchemy.

Stare into the void.

2024 Battle Axe inc.

Design and animation and alchemy.

Stare into the void.

2024 Battle Axe inc.